Baseball Stadiums: 2011 Spring Training Update

After posting my updated baseball stadium map and debating about what to do with Spring Training stadiums, I found an acceptable symbol and added Spring Training sites.  I have visited 10 Spring Training stadiums; nine in Arizona and one in Florida.

All nine of the Arizona stadiums came during March 2011 while the lone Florida stadium came during March 2001. In Arizona, I have visited nine of the 10 active Spring Training ballparks.  In Florida, there are 14 active stadiums with 15 teams playing there.  Ideally, I can visit some of the Florida stadiums in the next two years.  It is much more difficult to catch all the Florida parks because the locations are more spread out instead of residing in one metro area like Arizona, where all 10 stadiums are within metropolitan Phoenix.

Just so you don’t have to scroll down to an older post about my baseball stadium visits, you can conveniently find my map here.


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