Two More Shirts, Two More Shot Glasses

People collect all sorts of trinkets, and one of the items I collect are the Hard Rock Cafe “City T-shirts” and their cordial shot glasses. I don’t recall when I started this collection, but it’s been going on for at least the past 10 years. I specifically remember going to the Hard Rock Cafe near Copley Square in Boston and purchasing a “city shirt” and shot glass in 1999.

During the holiday break, my collection of Hard Rock Cafe paraphernalia grew yet again. I received a shirt and shot glass from Honolulu for Christmas from my German friend Stefan, and a classmate of mine bought me a shirt and shot glass from Nassau, Bahamas, while on his cruise.

I also decided it was time to display my map of Hard Rock items from around the globe. I have bought some of the T-shirts and shot glasses, but a majority have been purchased for me as gifts. Unfortunately I have not always received a shot glass with each T-shirt, so the map reflects that I only have a T-shirt from a certain city or that I only have a shot glass from that location.

Below is a map legend. If there is a black circle at the center of the marker it means that cafe has either closed or moved to another location in the same city.

  • Teal = Have both “City Shirt” and shot glass
  • Pink = Have only “City Shirt”
  • Green = Have only shot glass

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