Baseball Stadiums Galore

The Royals Hot Dog Derby nearing its conclusion.

In an effort to help my own memory and show off a little bit, I’ve taken some time to put together a list and map of all the baseball stadiums where I have seen a game in my life. Some stadiums have been renamed (BellSouth Park in Chattanooga is now AT&T Field) since I visited them and some no longer exist (Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh).

As in life, not all baseball stadiums are created equally. I’ve seen some poor fields in remote regions of the country and some of the most palatial ball fields imaginable in major cities. Regardless of the location or the state of the field, one common thread ties all the fields together: baseball.

For those interested in seeing a map with the dispersion of the stadiums where I’ve seen a game, click here.

From the date of this post, I have visited 48 stadiums. Below is a breakdown of the various levels where I have seen a baseball game.

  • MLB = 13
  • AAA = 5
  • AA = 8
  • A = 2
  • Short-Season A = 6
  • Independent = 1
  • College = 13

Additionally, here is a key explaining the significance of the various markers on the map. If a stadium has a dot on its marker, it is no longer in use.

  • Sky Blue = MLB
  • Red = AAA
  • Green = AA
  • Teal = A
  • Yellow = Short-Season A
  • Purple = Independent
  • Pink = College

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